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In order to establish the institutions and infrastructure necessary to address the needs of the American Muslim community, it is vital to develop a next generation of Muslim leaders that are well-equipped to deal with the many challenges facing our community.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) considered the running of institutions and the holding of high positions as a “trust” as is outlined in the following hadith:

Abu Dhar narrated that he asked the Messenger of Allah (SAW): “Will you not appoint me a governor?” Prophet Muhammad (SAW) tapped his shoulder an replied: “O Abu Dhar! You are weak and the governorship is a trust.  It will be a cause of humiliation except for those who are able to fulfill the responsibilities appertaining to it.” (Muslim)

In order to create leaders that have the knowhow and the abilities to carry out the duties properly, MY DEEN has established a Leadership Campaign aimed at inspiring outstanding youth within the community to reach their full leadership potential, using the example of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) and innovative targeted programs.  Every young Muslim has the potential to become a future leader within our community, but this potential needs to be developed.  The Leadership Campaign will focus on building the competency of young Muslims in the following major leadership areas.

  • Teamwork – Working effectively as a team member and leader
  • Goal-Setting – Establishing realistic, measurable, and timely goals
  • Mastering Emotions – Managing emotions under various situations
  • Personal Responsibility – Learning to own responsibilities
  • Communication – Listening, speaking, and writing skills
  • Problem-Solving – Effective approach at dealing with major challenges
  • Organizational Skills – Balancing multiple priorities, effective delegation, etc.
  • Civic Education – Learning to work within civic society, including local, state, and national governmental organizations

In order to build these leadership skills within the young members of our community, a number of programs will be offered to outstanding youth.  These programs will include:

  • Active leadership roles within MY DEEN
  • Educational Scholarships
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Community service activities
  • Dialogues, simulations, role plays and other activities related to project themes
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • School visits
  • Meetings with community leaders
  • Site visits related to civic education, leadership, tolerance, and respect for diversity

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